Is the Golf ball stopping you improving? 

How many times have you heard these sayings?
“My practise swing is alright I just can’t do the same when the balls there”
“If only I could hit the ball with my practise swing”
So what changes from your practise swing to when you hit the ball? Quite simply it’s the ball, for almost as long as golf has been played I can imagine these immortal words have been said “Keep your HEAD down” is this a good or a bad thing? When golfers make a practise swing the sole focus is not the ball, they swing with freedom without the ball but as soon as its introduced they become fixated with it, stopping flowing movements.
So I’m going to give you a couple of things to try on the practise area, I use them on my clients all the time which produce some amazing results.
1) hit at least 6 shots with your eyes closed.
2) just before you strike the ball allow your eyes to start to look towards the target.
Once we take the ball out of the equation by trying these two simple exercises you’ll be amazed at how much freedom you’ll have, A lot of people say that it feels like a practise swing when they connect with the ball.
Now if you think this is a bit far fetched get a friend to video your best practise swing and watch how your head and body moves, then video you hitting a shot and see if there is a difference.
Positive Impact Golf Coaching breaks some of the rules, through years of study we have been able to dispel 3 myths that hold golfers back, they create tension, stop the body moving and worst of all may injure golfers.
Our 3 Deadly Donts  are,
Don’t Keep your head Down ( Allow it to move freely) 
Don’t keep your left arm straight ( this creates tension and shortens the muscles in your arm which may lead to you topping the ball) 
Don’t keep your left foot flat on the floor. By doing this it breaks the kinetic chain which may lead to injury, allow your ankle to move without resistance.
So my advice to you is simply this, don’t become obsessed with the golf ball, allow your body to move freely and above all else swing the club tension free, if you don’t find this helps, contact me and come along for a coaching session. Golf doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult, once you start hitting the ball with your best golf swing Magic really can happen.
My YouTube video may help if your struggling


Jon Bromley “Professional Golfer”

Well the season was not all that I wished it to be in the end.  I didn’t get to play the events that I was hoping to due to a few injuries and a few other things out of my control but that is for another day.

I started the season off at Wilmslow on the 1836 Pro Tour and shot a solid level par 72 which should have been a whole lot better then that but when start with 3 3 putts its always going to be a uphill battle.

From there I moved on to the EURO PRO TOUR Q School event at the lovely Mottram Hall GC where I played two solid rounds where I finshed 18th which was enough for me to qualify down to Frilford Heath GC for the EURO PRO TOUR final Q School stage where I woud go on to miss the cut but still got myself a decent category on the tour to play a number of events throughout the season.

I could of played in around 7-8 events in the season but with a few things against me I only got to play in two events one being up at the Carrick in Loch Lomond but that was not the best for me as I had to withdraw after only 16 holes due to a back injury which would take me out the game for around a month which was not idea.

After a month off I came back to play at Hawkstone Park again on the Euro Pro Tour and after playing not to good the first day I played a little better on day 2 but still missed the cut in the end. But I did learn a lot from those two days in all.

I played a few other events on the 1836 Pro Tour and did have a couple of top 15 finishes but the game and fitness are a work in progress still.

I have learnt a lot through this season and have the knowledge that I can still play and complete at the level I use to before my shoulder injuries stopped me playing.  I have the backing of a number of good people and family and will be starting the hard work again for 2017 within the next week and with the help of those people I will do what I need to perform for the whole of a season and not just a few events here and there like this season.

With the support of my family I know which direction I am going again and hopefully with a few sponsorships coming up I can set a whole schedule out.

Well that’s it for now.

 2017 SCHEDULE….

            EURO PRO TOUR  Q SCHOOL  STAGE 1                      March  29-30                                     The Players Club

            EURO PRO TOUR  Q SCHOOL FINAL STAGE               April 5 – 7                                           Frilford Heath GC

            1836 PRO TOUR                                                            April 18                                               Enville GC

            JAMEGA PRO TOUR                                                      April 24-25                                         Essendon GC

            OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP REGIONAL QUALIFYING        June 26                                               Little Aston GC

            1836 PRO TOUR                                                            August 1                                             Mottram Hall GC

            1836 PRO TOUR                                                            August 8                                             Crewe GC

Since becoming a fully Qualified Positive Impact Golf Coach, I would say I’ve become somewhat of a Senior Golf Specialist. The learning has been incredible and the realisation of asking a senior golfer to move like a younger person is simply unrealistic .
Traditional golf coaches who don’t Specialise in this area could be doing more harm than good with their students.


So what, you may ask do Positive Impact Golf Coaches do different?

“We retain the Complexity and pass on the Simplicity”

Realistically, senior golfers aren’t going to practise much, so everything we ask them to do needs to be easy to do, uncomplicated and above all achievable.

We start with a series of questions that are aimed at understanding a persons belief system, we want understand what maybe holding a golfer back so that the information that follows is impactful.

One of the biggest killers of a golf swing is TENSION, we must reduce this before any changes can be made, if you score your tension on a scale of 1-10 , 10 being the tightest you can hold a club, you need to be at 5 or under, TENSION causes muscles to shorten thus reducing potential movement. TIGHT muscles move slower and reduce club head speed resulting in an increased amount of effort to hit the ball and tiredness further on in the round.

We coach 6 main PRINCIPLES and 3 DEADLY DONT’S

The 6 principles are:-

Weight shift

Let me explain a little bit more about the 6 main principle.
TURNING – quite simply your body turns right and your body turns left if your right handed
WEIGHT SHIFT – form the address position as you turn your weight shifts on to your right side and when you turn in the opposite direction your weight shifts on to your left side.
RHYTHM – We all have our own natural rhythm and we ask our pupils to maintain theirs, being too fast or too slow will affect the rest of the swing,
COORDINATION – this is about coordinating the movement of the club with the movement of the body , if one is too fast or too slow you will struggle to match these two component parts. So commonly golfers don’t do the first two things correctly resulting in poor coordination.
BALANCE – This is so important in the golf swing, next time you hit some shots try holding your finish until the ball stops rolling, this gives you time to be ware of your balance and if you feel you lose yours put yourself back in balance so that your mind knows how this feels, eventually you’ll naturally end up in balance.
SOUPLESSE – this is quite simple suppleness, holding too much tension in your address position will suffocate suppleness , try to remain relaxed during your set up & swing and watch as you see the yards you’ve lost reappear.

The 3 DEADLY DONT’S are.

DON’T KEEP YOUR LEFT ARM STRAIGHT. ( if your right handed , reverse if your left handed)

One of the most common sayings in the world of golf is “Keep your head down” I believe this has caused more swing faults than any other piece of advice, the art of keeping your head down stops fluent movement in its tracks, I’m going to write a whole blog on this, so you’ll fully understand why not to do it and what you should be doing.

Again another famous saying in the world of golf is “Keep your left arm straight” in order to do this you will automatically create TENSION , and remember tight muscles are short muscles, so many times I’ve witnessed golfers doing this and become very successful at topping the golf ball, allow your arm to be relaxed, indeed try hitting some balls with a bent left arm and see what happens .

And finally please don’t try and keep your front foot Cemented to the ground, this is not only a bad thing, but it may well cause you to have knee injuries and possible back injuries, there is a thing called the Kinetic chain which starts from the ground up, your ankle is pretty mobile , your knee is fairly stable , your hips are mobile , your lower lumber spine is again fairly stable and your upper spine( T Spine ) is mobile, by allowing your front foot to move freely the Kinetic chain works as it should but if you keep your front foot down your body moves in completely the opposite way to how it should, leading to poor swings and worse still injury.

I could and will go into more detail on these subjects in future blogs but I wanted to give you a simple understanding of what Positive Impact Golf Coaching is all about.
So a quick reminder, reduce tension in your set up and swing, allow your body to move freely and please have a quick look at Brian Sparks video so you can see just how easy the Golf Swing can be.

Johannesburg Open final standings
-15 D Fichardt (SA); -14 P Waring (Eng), S Manley (Wal); -13 J Kruyswijk (SA), J Morrison (Eng) B Stone (SA); -12 G Coetzee (SA), K Davidse (SA), P Peterson (US), A Rai (Eng)

South African Darren Fichardt won an abbreviated Johannesburg Open by one shot from England’s Paul Waring and Welshman Stuart Manley.

A birdie on the last gave Fichardt the tournament, reduced to three rounds because of bad weather.

Waring, 32, shared the lead with Fichardt going into Sunday and shot a three-under-par 69 to the victor’s 68.

Waring and 38-year-old Manley, both seeking a maiden European Tour victory, qualify for July’s Open Championship.

Honda Classic final round leaderboard:
-12 R Fowler (US); -8 M Hoffmann (US), G Woodland (US); -7 B Horschel (US), C Collins (US), W Bryan (US), M Kaymer (Ger), T Hatton (Eng)

Rickie Fowler won the Honda Classic in Florida to claim his first victory in 13 months.

The world number 18 had not won on the PGA Tour since the Deutsche Bank Championship in September 2015

He started the day with a four-shot lead, and finished with a 12-under total of 268, four shots ahead of Morgan Hoffmann and Gary Woodland.

“My putter saved me. It was tough out there today and I fought as hard as I could,” said the 25-year-old.

“I felt like I hit a lot of shots that I thought would turn out good. The wind was heavy today, it was blowing pretty good so it kept us on our toes.

“The two birdies I made on 12 and 13, if I didn’t make them it would have been a pretty tight race.”

His win means he moves to 10th in the FedExCup after his fourth career victory.

England’s Tyrrell Hatton, who started the day in second place, carded a two-over 72 to finish in a large group sharing fourth on seven under.

Genesis Open final standings
-17 D Johnson (US); -12 (S Brown (US), T Pieters (Bel); –11 W Bryan (US), C Hoffman (US), K Na (US), J Rose (Eng); -10 M Laird (Sco), O Schniederjans (US), C Tringale (US)
Selected others:-7 L Donald (Eng); -6 J Spieth (US), -3 P Casey (Eng), P Harrington (Ire)

American Dustin Johnson became world number one for the first time with victory at the Genesis Open.

Johnson, 32, carded a par 71 on the final day to finish on 17 under with compatriot Scott Brown and Belgium’s Thomas Pieters tied second on 12 under.

The US Open champion had to play both his third and fourth rounds on Sunday after storms disrupted the tournament.


England’s Justin Rose finished in a five-way tie for third as he shot a fourth-round 68 to finish on 11 under.

“I believe in myself. I think I’m a great player,” said Johnson after Sunday’s victory in California. “To finally get a win at Riviera feels good because I’ve finished second here a couple of times, lost in a play-off, and felt I should have won a couple of other times.”

Nearly seven hours of play were lost during Friday’s storms with the second round delayed by a further two hours on Saturday to clear up the course.

Johnson was unable to start his third round on Saturday evening as bad light suspended play 17 minutes before he was scheduled to tee off.

But the American continued his fine form from the first two rounds, dropping only two shots over the entire weekend.

Victory preserves Johnson’s record of having won at least once in each of the 10 seasons he has been a professional.

The Masters, the first major of the year, takes place in Augusta from 6-9 April.


The Pro is my Shepherd,
I shall not Slice.

He maketh me to Drive Straight
Down Green Fairways;

He leadeth me Safely
across Still Water-Hazards;

He restoreth my Approach Shots.

He Leadeth me in the Paths of
Accuracy for my Game’s Sake.

Yea, though I chip through the Roughs
in the shadows of Sand Traps,
I will fear no Bogies.

For his Advice is with me;

His Putter and Irons,
they confort me.

He prepareth my Strategy for me
in the presence of mine Opponents;

He anointeth my head with Confidence:
The Cup will not be runneth over!

Surely Birdies and Eagles shall follow
me all the Rounds of my Life,

And I will score in the Low Eighties